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credit card msks was sto credit card information was stolen. arpaio says he doesn't think he was a specific target, just a victim of a credit card fraud like many other folks. that's it for me. brooke baldwin takes it from here. vacation nightmare. men wearing hoods and carrying guns reportedly bursts into a resort and rape half a dozen women. we're on the case. plus, who to kill and who to spare? a leaked memo raises serious questions about the president's kill list. and outrage over plans to shoot a tv movie about the newtown massacre. the news is now. good to see you. i'm brooke baldwin live in new york today. before we get going here, i have to bring you this, the three schools in yuma, arizona,
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currently on lockdown as police investigate reports of a gunman on campus. now, let me be clear, this is a possible gunman reportedly a student at of all places an elementary school. so three schools on lockdown after a gunman sighted on campus. we're making phone calls. we'll get you updates as soon as we get them. let's talk national security. a leaked document showed just how much power the president has and how little information the president needs to order a drone strike against an american. department of justice white paper has just come out and in these 16 pages, this reveals when the united states can use lethal force against an american linked to al qaeda. talked to critics, they say the scariest aspect of the 16-page memo is its lack of detail. for some time, a number of lawmakers have been calling for the release of material detailing what guidance the
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president uses to call for a drone strike. the most high profile incident is the death of anwar al awlaki and al qaeda leader and american killed in a drone strike in yemen, in 2010. his father is suing multiple u.s. officials for the death of his son, and his grandson, abdul rahman, killed in a separate drone attack. >> i don't necessarily agree with what some of the things he said. but does that men they should kill him outside the law. >> as painful as it was to see your son killed, did you in the back of your mind expect that to happen? >> in anwar it was expected because he was under target killing. but how they go and kill abdul rahman, small boy, u.s. citizen
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from denver, colorado. >> no doubt, this leaked paper from the department of justice will come into play during the thursday's confirmation hearings for john brennan, nominated to become the next director of the cia. two voices i want to bring in. we have cnn senior legal analyst jeff toobin here sitting with me in new york and in atlanta, tom juneau, esquire writer at large. tom, let me begin with you. you and i have talked multiple times about drones, ad nauseam about your piece in "esquire" last july, you write about anwar al awlaki, his son who you call collateral damage. in learning of this sort of secret memo coming about, was there anything in it that surprised you? >> yeah, a few things. number one, you know, this is the -- we're familiar with the sound of the administration speaking to us about these --
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about this program. they have justified it in various different venues. but this is the sound of the administration speaking to itself. and when the administration speaks to itself, it gives itself even more power than i think than anybody thought. it sort of -- it is a hypothetical situation it describes. it keeps on describing an informed high level executive who can make these decisions. and it is amazing how much power this white paper gives that informed high level executive. it even really gives him power to decide whether the due process of the person that he's targeting is being violated or not. >> on the power issue, jeff toobin, are there no checks and balances? could anyone stop the white house from doing this? >> one of the most remarkable parts of the 16-page memo is on just that question, where the authors say courts can't get involved in this.
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this is entirely within the executive's power. not only do they take this enormous power of literally life and death, but they say there is no check and balance. they say that this is essentially a military matter, involving not u.s. soil, and when you have those sorts of circumstances, the courts can't get involved. >> not even the supreme court? >> not even the supreme court. at least according to that memo. that's not the last word. though i think they're probably right. the courts give the president enormous deference when it comes to the conduct of a war and this is at least according to the administration how we are conducting this particular war. >> tom, back to you here, as we talk, and you've pointed out sort of the vagueness and the lack of transparency here when it comes to the u.s. drone program. for example, in terms of the detail from the white pap, a drone strike can be used if there is an imminent threat. let me quote this paper now. the condition that an operational leader presents in
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imminent threat of violent attack against united states does not require the united states to have clear evidence that a specific attack on u.s. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future. what does that say to you? first of all, can you skrab late something for he? >> beyond basically what i think most people think of iminnocemo a lot of the speeches, the public statements have done precisely that. once again, this memo, this white paper takes it further than we knew that it had been taken. >> right. >> imminent. that's a word we can all understand. it means very soon. it means an hour or maybe a day. this is not imminent. this means, well, if you think they might do it sometime in the future, it is such a broad
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definition of imminent that it essentially seems meaningless to me. >> while i have you, we heard from attorney general eric holder. he was speaking today at a department of justice briefing. listen to this exchange he had with a reporter. >> you are a driving force behind releasing the bush administration's torture memos. why aren't you a force for this? >> well, i mean, we'll have to look at this and see how -- what is it we want to do with these memos. but you have to understand that we are talking about things that are -- that go into really kind of how we conduct our offensive operations. >> so under president bush, holder called for the release of the torture memos. he got them, yet, you know there is that lacking as critics are pointing out under the obama administration when it comes to drone strikes, jeff toobin, if this were to be a george w. bush administration or republican administration, would the reaction be different?
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>> think about how outraged democrats have been for years about guantanamo, the treatment of the detainees there, the fact they have been kept there at all, torture, of course, as you mentioned. this is life and death. forget keeping you in a nasty cell in guantanamo. this is killing people intentionally and the obama administration thinks that's just fine under these circumstances. the same people who were so mad about what president bush was doing. >> this is not going anywhere. jeff toobin, thank you. tom juneau, thank you, both, very much. >> thanks for having me. and this one today, olympic skier lindsey vonn took a frightening tumble in this championship race in europe. and then she caught a ride, look at this, from a helicopter. talk about dramatic. here she goes to safety. lindsey vonn, the face of women's skiing, dangling precariously here by a rope from this medevac helicopter. lindsey vonn, on her way to a
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hospital in austria, where doctors say she suffered some sort of serious knee injury. let's go to london and talk more about this with cnn's christina mcfarland. what happened? >> well, for anyone that might have seen the video earlier of the crash, brooke, it really was horrific. she seemed to buckle on her right knee as she was going down the super g race, just as she came over a jump. and had to be airlifted to hospital. so it is a serious crash. and a fairly serious injury. we were able to speak to her accident surgeon just earlier and he told us that she's torn two ligaments in her right knee, she doesn't require an immediate operation, but the u.s. ski team are deciding whether or not to airlift her, take her back to the united states right now, so her season is over. >> i'm no lindsey vonn, i tore my acl skiing in colorado and let me tell you, that rehab is not fun, especially if it is your lifetime, your work, your career.
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christina mcfarland, thank you. a group of spanish tourist were vacationing in beautiful acapulco, mexico, when the unthinkable happened. the middle of the night, sound asleep, a group of armed and hooded men burst into their rented beach bungalow, tied up the men, raped the women, and the details coming out about this attack, they're chilling. cnn's al goodman joins me from our madrid bureau. you talked to some of these -- we should point out these people were spanish, you talked to the spanish foreign ministry. what more are you learning about this? >> reporter: hi, brooke. madrid is giving few details about this crime. the mexican authorities are providing a bit more. six women were raped, all are spanish citizens, believed to be in their early to mid-20s. their friends, the men who were
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with them were tide up with the cables of cell phone chargers. this happened sunday night into monday morning in acapulco. it was a long national holiday weekend in mexico. acapulco was packed with tourists. unfortunately this happened to this group of people. brooke? >> let's play a little sound. this is the mayor of acapulco talking about this. >> translator: we know that it is very unfortunate what has happened, but, hey, it happens anywhere in the world. >> obviously you have to think about safety, tourism as you mentioned, so many tourists were in town for the weekend. how dangerous is acapulco generally? >> reporter: well, brooke, the united states state department says acapulco and the other major mexican resorts generally escaped the kind of violence you associate with the areas along the border and along the major drug trafficking routes. the spanish foreign ministry lists the state of guerrero, where acapulco is on the pacific coast, as an area of special danger and urges extreme caution
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even in acapulco. brooke? >> several drug cartels operating in that mountainous area. al goodman in madrid. al, appreciate it. coming up, outrage over plans to make a movie related to the newtown massacre. you'll hear from a director who is actually pushing for this, just 20 miles down the road. and we're getting word from people who knew the man who held this 5-year-old about to be 6 tomorrow hostage for a week in that bunker. the details are chilling. m and . it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple. oh dear... geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. some of the hottest stories now in a flash, rapid fire. roll it. we're learning more about this hostage standoff now in alabama and the raid that ended the whole thing. jimmy lee dykes was fatally shot multiple times. the fbi stormed his bunker when they became concerned that his mental state was declining. how they know, you ask? well, they were spying on him, using high tech military detection equipment including a camera. we are also learning more about dykes from the people who knew him. >> he always talked about the government, you know, and he
2:16 pm
used to keep notebooks of horse races. he always said that mafia run the horse races. >> he has been, for a long time, a source of concern. he killed one of my dogs. >> the victim in this, who is being wheeled away in that stretcher, 5-year-old ethan. he is recuperating at a hospital after a week in that bunker. and is said to be laughing and playing with his family, his 6th birthday is tomorrow. and just in to us here at cnn, moments ago, president obama is planning a trip to israel, coming up this spring. this will be his first trip there since taking office. he will also be visiting the west bank and jordan during that trip. but, first, here, in a statement today, the president calling on congress to pass a short-term fix that would avoid the
2:17 pm
sequester. the sequester, fancy name in washington, for the deep spending cuts, said to kick in very soon, in a couple of weeks. here is what the president said just a short time ago. >> having said that, i know that a full budget may not be finished before march 1st. and unfortunately that's the date when a series of harmful automatic cuts to job creating investments and defense spending also known as the sequester are scheduled to take effect. so, if congress can't act immediately on a bigger package, if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, then i believe they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of the sequester. >> members of both parties came up with the idea of the sequester, back in 2011, to force lawmakers to act on
2:18 pm
balancing the budget and at one point here during the president's statement today, actually interrupted by the loud flashes of the photographers' cameras. watch that. these reforms would reduce our government's bill -- what's up, cameraman? come on, guys. they're breaking my flow all the time. >> breaking my flow. now to big business news. the company that became famous for the commercial catch phrase dude, are you getting a dell, is being bought back its founder and ceo michael dell. the company struggled as consumers shift to tablet computers, away from the desktop pcs. if the buy goes through, it will be one of the largest leveraged -- easy for me to say -- buyouts in history. and look at these pictures with me. that is not smoggy beijing you're looking at.
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star witness on the stand in the jodi arias murder trial is jodi arias. that's right. jodi arias admitted killer day two. here she is just a short time ago describing one of her many earlier boyfriends, one she learned had cheated. >> of all the boyfriends i had, i would have expected him to not be the one to cheat on me. he was very loyal. i trusted him completely, implicitly. i think i would have looked out the window to see what it looks like. >> but, no, she didn't kill him. that seems to be the message. that is jodi arias just a short time ago. and in just a brief moment, we'll hear jodi arias explain her bold prediction that no jury
2:24 pm
would ever convict her for the death of travis alexander. no jury would find her guilty for the killing she first denied, and now admits to committing. we'll hear that in a moment. let's just refresh our memories here. hln's chris tie patie paul paul the home of the dead lover. >> arias takes a picture of alexander alive in the shower. moments later, she stabs him in the chest. prosecutors believe he was still alive and arias followed him down the hall to the bedroom where she slashed his throat, then dragged his body back to the bathroom, accidentally taking pictures all along the way, investigators believe once arias got alexander back to the bathroom, she shot him in the forehead, based on the location of the shell casing, they believe that happened near the sink and that then his body was stuffed in the shower. >> that is how prosecutors say
2:25 pm
this killing happened. arias says she acted in self-defense. back to the claim, no jury would ever convict her. she said so in an interview soon after the killing. before she admitted, well, yeah, she's the killer. here is jodi arias on the witness stand. >> in that tape you said that no jury would convict you, something to that effect. do you remember saying that? do you remember saying that? >> yeah, i did say that. >> why? >> i made that statement in september 2008, i believe it was, and at the time i had plans to commit suicide. so i was extremely confident that no jury would convict me because i didn't expect any of you to be here. i didn't expect to be here, so i could have easily said no jury would acquit me either.
2:26 pm
i couldn't say that, though, because there was an officer sitting five feet behind me and had i told them the reason no jury would convict me at that time, i would have been thrown into a padded cell and stripped down and that would have been my life for a while until i stabilized. so i was very confident that no jury would convict me because i planned to be dead. probably the most bitter words i'll ever eat. >> the most bitter words i'll ever eat, so says jodi arias. outrage in newtown over this director's plan to make a tv movie about the massacre there, about mental health, about the 13-year-old. my panel is anxious to weigh in on the topic. plus, we'll hear from the film director on why he wants to make the movie in the first place. [ laughs ] now this is a test drive.
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bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. for the next 30 minutes we're getting all sides from the
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stories you'll be talking about at the dinner table tonight. want to start with this. not even two months after 20 children were gunned down in a sandy hook elementary school classroom, new rumblings today that a movie inspired by the massacre is now in the works. here's what i know. the film's director and crew were in this town of bridgefield, connecticut, 20 miles away from newtown, just yesterday, starting work on this project. and newtown, you know the story there, still very much so reeling from a horrific tragedy. this made for tv film titled "illness" will be about a mentally ill 13-year-old boy, and how he and his family react after the newtown shooting. let's talk about this. i want to open it up to john murray, entertainment journalist and all around pop culture expert, lauren ashburn, editor in chief of "daily downlow" and cnn legal analyst sunny hostin.
2:31 pm
hello to all three of you. john, let me begin with you, if you're keeping track of the time since the horrendous day in newtown, 53 days since the shooting, this too soon? >> absolutely too soon. and what we can't have is we have seen, even in recent days there has been a college shooting. we don't want to encourage copycats. some of these people want to die in end famously. and by doing a movie where you take a categorized and showcase this, it glamorizes it in some way and people are going to try to duplicate it. we don't want that to happen. >> i think we should take this seriously. >> i disagree. i think this incident was tragic and a watershed moment in our culture and our society. it has opened up the dialogue for gun control. it has opened up the dialogue for mental illness. and i would imagine that it is something that should be documented. and why not now? if you don't do it now, i think it almost closes the discourse, closes the dialogue, and
2:32 pm
pretends that this thing -- this horrible thing didn't happen. i think now is the time. i think it is right for us to document what is going on in our culture, in our society today. >> lauren, let me get to you in a moment. i want to play this. the big question, why, why do the movie, why make this movie? here is the film's director, jonathan bucari. >> why, today, with everything we have at our disposal to prevent the kind of tragedy, we weren't able to do it? >> so maybe he's thinking this could be preventative. maybe he's thinking this could open our minds further to mental illness. lauren, what do you think? >> well, first of all, if you look at this guy on the movie database -- >> one film. >> he's done -- not even one film. he's directed one tv pilot. and if you know the tv business, you know that that means that it did not make it to series and the pilot was called the sacrificial lamb. how appropriate for all of this. so i don't think that we should
2:33 pm
be taking this effort that seriously. notice there is no one attached to the movie. there is no one who is saying that they're going to run this quote/unquote movie. i have to disagree with you, sunny, really i think it is too soon for the parents who have just been through so much and to have to watch this, on the big screen, they have lived it. they have lived their lives. >> but, lauren, back to that point, back to your point about this director, if this were a bigger name, would that make a difference? >> i think, i mean, i think you would hear a lot more people up in arms about it. of course it would make a big difference. we don't know the quality of this guy's shooting. nobody has ever seen anything he's ever done. if you get a scorsese or a spielberg or somebody in there who wants to do this, i think that they're going to get a lot of pushback that it just isn't the right time. >> let me play some sound. people in this town of bridgefield, they have opinions on having this movie filmed in
2:34 pm
their neighborhood. here is what they say. >> it was a tragedy. it happened. and we're trying to fix it. and you can keep talking about it forever, i suppose. >> i feel for those families and bringing it up all the time, i don't know how that will affect them. >> let me also just read this, john, before i get to you, this is what the film production's company says. they posted this to facebook. it has since been deleted, quote, we are not doing the movie about what happened in newtown and will never do so, we are doing a nonprofit film about mental illness. john, last word on this, does that make it okay? >> it just doesn't make it okay. the guy has generated enough attention that we're talking about this today. so, first time filmmaker or not, he's getting buzz. i think it is too soon and i don't think the people in connecticut deserve to see this yet. >> okay. let's move on. we're now getting word that lance armstrong will not be prosecuted for doping. at least for now. has justice been served?
2:35 pm
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all right, let's pick up where we left off with our panel. let me bring them all back in. to all of you, to our viewers, here is what we learned at cnn. we talk about lance armstrong, we knew about the seven tour de france titles and the foundation and the sponsorships. that's all gone. question lingered as to whether or not he would be prosecuted for doping. if you watched him on oprah a couple of weeks ago, he said, yes, i did it. so now we're hearing that this u.s. attorney who had initially said he wouldn't pursue pressing charges or prosecuting, i should say, is standing by that statement. here he was. >> we made a decision on the case a little over a year ago. obviously we have been well aware of the statements made by armstrong and other media reports. that has not changed my view at this time. we'll consider -- we'll continue to look at the situation, but it
2:39 pm
hasn't changed our view as i stand here today. >> sunny hostin, straight to you, our lawyer on the panel here. >> former federal prosecutor for the justice department, right? >> yes, ma'am. are you surprised? >> you know, i am surprised. but there is that thing called prosecutorial discretion, right? and prosecutors do look at cases and they have -- they get to make that determination. he's lucky that i wasn't the prosecutor on this case, quite frankly, brooke. i always believed in the power of making an example out of people. and you've got to do that in a case like this. he bastardized the sport. he is the guy who bullied people. he is the guy who lied. he sued people knowing the truth. when you have that kind of an example, you have to tell the people of the united states this is wrong, you don't get to do this and get away with it. i think it was the wrong call. we don't know what the u.s. attorney's office knows. we don't know if the statute of limitations is up.
2:40 pm
but what we do know is he's a bad guy and he behaved so poorly and he should have been made an example of. >> if he is this bad guy, behaved poorly, sat with oprah, yes, admitted to being a bully, yes, admitted to doping, has justice been served? >> no. >> not in my view. not in my view. i think, again, you know, you can't underestimate the power of a federal criminal action. that speaks volumes. and the government hasn't been that successful in prosecuting these cases. and perhaps that's one of the reasons why we don't see it. but that's no excuse in my view not to go forward. >> lauren, jump in, i heard a no from you. >> can we stop talking about lance armstrong? i'm so done. >> you're over it? ready to move on? >> this is a guy who admitted to this and sunny laid out the case against him. in addition to that, his lawyer tells usa today that he is not going to pay back $12 million in
2:41 pm
a bonus that he received for the last couple of titles? i mean, what kind of guy is this? >> listen, let's broaden out. if we don't want to say lance armstrong what is the overall message to society, cheating, you're not punished if you cheat? >> it is okay. jawn, what do you think? >> the overall message to society and the victims, this guy bullied his fellow riders, bullied media people who reported the truth about him. you're sending a wrong message by not going after him. the least they should do is try, even if they're not able to get him completely, just go after him, tell people you can't do wrong and get away with it. >> okay. lance armstrong, we're moving on, lauren ashburn, i hear you loud and clear. a lot of people watching are agreeing with you. let's stand by. i want to talk about this decision here. we could be learning, you know, that a former presidential candidate, what this person says could mean for the end of the boy scouts, talking about the big decision, possibly allowing, you know, gay scout leaders, gay scouts.
2:42 pm
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2:45 pm
the closet, the boy scouts of america forced me back into the closet with its don't ask, don't tell policy. i pose no harm to anyone. i passed all their background checks. i go to church every sunday with my family. lord knows we're philanthropic. i don't know what else they want from us. >> the former assistant scoutmaster and others there delivered what they say are 1.4 million signatures to the boy scouts of america yesterday urging this group to lift that ban, despite the support, though, it will be tough. i want to bring my panel back in. and to all of you, you know, you heard one side. there is very much so another side of this. i was up this morning working on the morning show, talked to someone with the southern baptist convention, his name is richard land. and here is just part of what he told me. >> there is going to be a catastrophe for the boy scouts. 1.1 million scouts belong to
2:46 pm
troops that are sponsored by the mormon church, by roman catholics, by methodists and by baptists. and overwhelmingly those groups are opposed to this change in policy. if they do, it will be a catastrophe, because baptist scouts and catholic scouts and mormon scouts and methodist scouts, many of them are going to vote with their feet and they're going to leave the scouts. >> sunny, let's begin with you. what's your reaction here, both sides. >> you know, i quite frankly don't think the proposed ban goes far enough. what it is proposing is that the national ban is lifted, but that individual groups can choose in my view to still discriminate. and so it is almost much ado about nothing for me, brooke. because it just hasn't gone far enough. and to his point, who cares if the roman catholic church and mormon church and other sponsors withdraw? we're giving, i think, local scout groups license to
2:47 pm
discriminate. and that is wrong all the time. >> the supreme court in 2008 sided with the boy scouts sort of over their morals, right? and these people saying -- these people are saying this violates the group's core values. >> yeah. that's right. that little thing about -- >> one side. >> and, you know -- go ahead. >> brooke, as a proud christian, you know, i'm always challenged when people like contest christianity. as a person of color whose faith discrimination, i don't like to see anybody discriminated against. if they say christianity is the core basis of their moral teaching and their bylaws, christ is teaching us to love everybody. so to love everybody is to exclude none. and so that's the core of what they need to be building the boy scouts around. >> my question is, is richard land a boy scout? is rick santorum, who is against this, a boy scout? i thought the boy scouts should be allowed to decide what the boy scouts want to do. >> so rick santorum and richard
2:48 pm
land are saying something similarly. it was richard land who said the scouts will vote with their feet and leave. and rick santorum saying if the ban is lifted, the boy scouts may not survive. he might have a point. >> they have been arguing that, brooke, for years. if you let -- >> you don't buy it. >> a black person marry a white person, society will end. if you let gay and lesbian couples marry, society will end. that's an argument that has failed time and time again. and so to argue that we should discriminate because you want the boy scouts of america to survive is just a bunch of nonsense. and, again, i think you can't ever give anyone the license to discriminate and that's what this proposed ban does. >> they can raise money like the girl scouts. >> they can -- >> sell some cookies. >> they can -- if if they don't like the boy scouts it like
2:49 pm
watching a tv show. if you don't like brooke's tv show, you change the channel. >> change the channel, but nobody does. >> which nobody does. but if you don't want to join the boy scouts because you are opposed to the boy scouts' moral values, then found your own group that has your own moral values where you can be with like-minded people. >> leaving it there, moving on to the next one. days after leaving her secretary of state post, a new hillary clinton website surfaces. we will show you this new photo that some say paints clinton as very presidential? hello!
2:50 pm
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2:52 pm
so, hillary clinton has a brand-new website. as you can imagine, the 2016 presidential rumor mill back in full steam. look at this with me. if you go to, she's looking as some have suggested very presidential. it was registered as she left her post as secretary of state last week. and, get this, if you visit her old campaign website, you'll find a link to this new site and this picture, presidential picture. let's just continue, let's jump in on that stream of speculation. john, let me begin with you. when you see this picture, what do you think? >> look, we know nothing in politics is done by happenstance. i think she's running for
2:53 pm
office. she's gathering information because when you go to the site, it is all about collecting e-mails and your data, so they can correspond with you. hillary knows what she's doing. i think it is a run for the white house in store. >> lauren, is this just one of the stories that media sees and we grab a hold of it and run with it for 24 hours? >> we are obsessed with hillary clinton. you know, did you see the interview that they both did on "60 minutes" where he -- president obama, in answering a question about whether or not hillary is going to run in 2016, said it's been four days since i was elected. don't you guys have anything better to do? i think political reporters are bored. they're bored and they, you know, you want to get that going. but hillary is very smart. this say very savvy woman, who is not going to announce anything because as soon as she does, her polls are going to tank. right now she's riding high with two-thirds approval. people who look at her
2:54 pm
favorably, according to an abc/"washington post" poll. and there is no good to come out of her saying anything about 2016. >> sky high approval ratings for hillary clinton. and pretty decent approval ratings, chris christie, post superstorm sandy and everything he's done. he's a jovial kind of guy. he pops up on "the late show" with david letterman last night. let's play the part with the doughnut. >> welcome to the show. >> thrilled to be here. >> now, you, how do you feel about me? >> i love you, dave. >> no, but -- >> no, a love that i have a difficult time really explaining. a deep and abiding love. >> now we have a real problem. but i've made jokes about you, not just one or two, not just ongoing here and there, intermittent, but --
2:55 pm
>> i mean, listen, sunny hostin, the governor has a sense of humor. >> i absolutely adored what chris christie did on "the letterman show." you have to do that with david letterman. he will eviscerate you otherwise. i think what it showed is someone who can take control of the issue, because everyone knows he has a weight issue, and someone that is saying to the world, yeah, i'm overweight, and i can take it. i can take the jokes. it is fair game. and i've got to tell you, i think he's in a terrific position, again, to open up this discussion about the fact that there are folks who are overweight, about the fact that we do discriminate against people that are overweight. i'm using overweight instead of the f word because -- >> let's say whatever adjective you want to use. it hit the blood stream because of his interview with barbara walters a couple of months ago. she asked him about it.
2:56 pm
the idea if he couldn't be president because he was corpulent was ridiculous. is it fair for americans to look at him and be a little judgy? >> yes. he's a public figure, right? so he's a public figure, people can say what they want. there was a piece in the "washington post" style section about michelle obama's derriere. people can talk about these public figures and they have to be tough enough to take it. and to either ignore it or chime in or eat a doughnut or put up those barriers around them that don't allow it to get to them. but chris christie did say that he doesn't like when people, who are not the funny men, when people come after him and say there is an obesity epidemic and you are part of the problem and you're not setting a leadership role in america. he doesn't like it. he gets very testy.
2:57 pm
>> you got to show you have a sense of humor, brooke. you have to. i once had a celebrity friend overweight, she is like the media is relentless toward me. i said it is because you're the easy target, you don't laugh. the minute she got in on the joke, they stopped poking fun at her. she's thankfully taken control of her health and lost a significant amount of weight. you have to show you have a sense of humor, otherwise the jokes are mean. >> he did, he said, look, i've done the work to prove it, look at my 18-hour day post superstorm sandy. chris christie for you, add him to the speculation for 2016 as well. same time tomorrow. be right back. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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we are checking my clock here just about an hour away from the closing bell. the dow looking pretty good for this tuesday, above that 14,000 mark, up 124 points on this tuesday afternoon. and we roll on. top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin live from new york today. and i want to begin with a story i know has a lot of you talking. the young folks that call it legal weed. but guess what, it is not legal. and it is not even marijuana. this is dried plant material, treated with all kinds of harsh chemicals, smoking it can be devastating. i'm about to speak live with family members of a teenager who has been in the icu because of this. we'll hear her story and how she's recovering here, thank goodness. but first i want you to hear the words of one father who talked to me through tears.
3:01 pm
he lost his son to this stuff. >> dakota made a 14-year-old decision when he accepted it. he made a worse decision when he smoked it. within a matter of hours he went through a psychosis is what they call it or psychotic episode. he took a handgun and took his own life. he was alive when we found him at 12:10. >> he was? >> yes, ma'am. and as unnewsworthy as this is to the nation, it is to me. >> it is incredibly newsworthy. >> police officers, sergeant dobbs, first and foremost, he was the first officer on the scene, our ems, our first responders, harrelson county sheriff's department were all there, they dropped on the floor beside me with my son. you couldn't ask any better when
3:02 pm
it comes to public service than what our small town has. they -- he was put in one of the ambulances, the staff and nurses of higgins hospital there, we live right across the street actually from the hospital, came out of the hospital, went into the back of the ambulance, worked on my son, transferred him straight from there to life flight and he passed at 5:10 that afternoon. >> did you hear what that father told me there. he said as unnewsworthy as it is to the nation, it is to me. 17-year-old emily bower almost died when she tried it. she ended up in intensive care on life support in december. here she was. her family thought she was brain dead. and to everyone's amazement, emily did not die when they took her off life support.
3:03 pm
she is slowly recovering. but she may never be the same. emily's plight exploded on after her sister uploaded photos, told emily's story on cnn i-report. so her sister, blake and her father tommy join me from houston. welcome to both of you. i'm so glad that she has turned this corner and seems to be doing okay. give me a quick check, tommy, tell me how she's doing today. >> she's doing pretty good. she's able to -- some of her eyesight is coming back. one of her arms she's able to feed herself with some cheetos and french fries, which she loves. she's able to drink and her diet -- she's on a normal diet. but it is going to be a long road. it is going to be a very long road. >> blake, i want to get to you in a minute, in your ireport, that got our attention and we appreciate that from you. but, tommy, from what i understand, this -- she bought this form of synthetic weed at a gas station. and when you look at the
3:04 pm
packaging, it looks, sounds harmless, clearly it wasn't. what -- walk me through what happened to her after she used this stuff. >> she was -- she was out with some friends and when she used it, we got a phone call, we were actually at work, we got a phone call that, you know, she was kind of disillusional, not making any sense, laid down to take a nap. she was sleeping. he said, man, i'm going to hang out for a little bit. i think she's tired. 20 minutes later, he called and said she woke up, she was stumbling, very incoherent, couldn't make sense, she had no idea where she was, we told him to call an ambulance and we came straight home. and when we found her, she was throwing herself into walls, very combative, she was fighting with the sheriff's deputies and fighting to get into an ambulance to take her to the hospital. >> blake, this is your sister.
3:05 pm
you told her story on ireport. we owe you a huge thank you for sharing this impassioned report. what was your message? >> my message basically is not only to help other people become aware of what this stuff can do, because it is not really -- not very many people know that -- how capable this stuff is of hurting the rest of your life because it is just sold over counters to kids under age and you think nothing of it because you can -- it is typed as legal weed, which doesn't sound harmful at all and they sell it to children. and serious things can happen. and not very many people are aware of that. and that's the message we were trying to get out. and it can happen to you. it can happen to your friends. it can happen to anybody in your family or anybody that you know. so we really were just hoping -- to spread that. >> and you did.
3:06 pm
and we thank you for it. let me just point out, final question to you, tommy, 41 states here including texas where you all live and puerto rico have banned this stuff according to the national conference of state legislatures. are you at all going to take any kind of legal action? >> you know, we really haven't thought about it. we have been contacted by a few people. our biggest concern now is getting my daughter back. every day is a blessing. so when she comes home and, listening to the other gentleman talk that, you know, his child didn't make it, you know, i just think about what i would be like if she wouldn't have made it. >> tommy bryant, thank you so much. and, again, she is okay. and that's the bright spot. and everything else. tommy bryant, blake harrison, thanks to you both. best of luck. as we pointed out, blake's story on ireport. go to ireport at read the story about emily and you can weigh in,
3:07 pm
we all know about the very public admission cyclist lance armstrong admitting he took performance enhancing drugs. cost him his sponsors, his job. head of livestrong foundation but his lies will not put him in jail. we're hearing this afternoon the u.s. prosecutors are standing by their original decision to spare him of criminal charges. >> we made a decision on that case a little over a year ago. obviously we have been well aware of the statements made by mr. armstrong and other media reports. that has not changed my view at this time. obviously we'll continue to look at situation, but it hasn't changed our view as i stand here today. >> cnn's ed lavandera for me there in dallas. is this it? is he just totally off the hook now? >> well, you heard the u.s. attorney there left a little window in case something pops up
3:08 pm
that would make them reconsider. but it doesn't sound like they have any indication or any inclination to want to proceed with criminal charges against lance armstrong. they dropped the cases against him. it was about a year ago, long before lance armstrong publicly admitted to using doping drugs in his cycling career and winning seven tour de france titles. that was dropped a year ago. that investigation, brooke, lasted two years, various federal agencies looked at an array of charges at him for a very long time. there were many people who spent millions and millions of dollars looking into it. and just doesn't sound like the justice department has any stomach or any inclination to continue with that. >> also, ed, news today he doesn't have to, doesn't plan to pay back a single penny of the $12 million in bonuses he received after winning the tour de france. what more do you know about that? >> reporter: well, that's an interesting story we have been following since lance armstrong went on the infamous interview with oprah winfrey, almost a
3:09 pm
month ago, it feels like. but lance armstrong is being sued by a dallas-based company that was the -- basically insured his racing team. he was paid $12.5 million for winning the seven tour de france titles as bonuses. that company says that those victories were all fraudulent, since he's been stripped of those titles and he is also now admitted to doping, that that money should be paid back. those lawyers have been going back and forth for weeks. lance armstrong's attorney told "usa today" he has no intention of paying that money back. so we'll see, the company here in dallas has been threatening a lawsuit, but until now, as far as we know, that has not been filed. >> okay. ed lavandera, thank you. olympic skier lindsey vonn took quite a frightening tumble today in this championship race in europe. here she is, on this medevac here. caught this ride. here she goes. she's really the face of women's skiing, dangling this rope from this medevac helicopter.
3:10 pm
lindsey vonn, on her way to a hospital in austria, where doctors say she sustained some serious knee injury. so let's go to london to cnn's christina mcfarland who recently interviewed lindsey vonn recently. first, what do we know? what happened on the slopes? >> reporter: well, brooke, on the slopes, i don't know if you've seen the video, but she managed to come down the piece on a super g event and took on a jump midway down the piece, and landed awkwardly and buckled on her right knee and then seemed to collapse. and then subsequently was airlifted to hospital. we were able to speak to her surgeon a short while ago who confirmed she had torn two ligaments in her right knee. but she didn't need an operation straightaw straightaway. so the u.s. ski team considering whether they fly her back to the united states or not. so she's out for this season. but crucially we have been told she will be back for the 2013-2014 season, which starts in october. and even more importantly she'll
3:11 pm
be back for the winter olympics, which takes place this time next year in russia. >> and just quickly, you interviewed her recently, how did she feel going into the season? >> reporter: she was full of enthusiasm going into the season. she was looking to defend her overall world cup title, maintain her status as the world number one skier, but, brooke, she's had a disastrous year. she was hospitalized in november, apparently suffering from depression, had to take a month out just recently and now this. so it is not really been what she hoped for and when i spoke to her, you know, i think she is the first person to be completely disappointed by this season, but also she -- what struck me when i did speak to her is how determined she was to fight back and i have no doubt we'll seat world number one back on the world stage in good time. >> she needs that fighting about her as she recovers here from the torn ligaments. christina mcfarland, thank you, in london. now, an asteroid half the size of a football field, nice
3:12 pm
graphic, half the size of a football field, hurdling toward earth. as it gets closer, the tug of earth's gravitational field will cause it to speed up. chad myerses, my fellow space geek. we say, close, chad, can we define close? >> 17,000 miles. >> that sounds really far. but that's really close. >> well, your car has a 50,000 mile warranty. so it is the closest asteroid we had here this size in a very long time. we're 1/13th of the way to the moon. the moon is far out, and some of the satellites you're probably watching us on are not so much in danger because they're few and far between. they're outside of the ring. this asteroid will fly right through the earth's ring here, 22,000 miles around, where the big satellites are, and this is where the asteroid here will fly right through this ring on one side and right out the other way. it is big. this thing, you know, you talk about 150 feet from one end to the other.
3:13 pm
i heard it described as a cruiseship asteroid. not as big as a cruiseship. it is not that big. but 150 feet long, pretty good. >> so there are some folks around the world who get to sort of, i don't know, rubber neck and take a look at the asteroid as it passes off in the distance. who and when? >> slightly. you're going to need some binoculars or a light telescope to see it. europe, asia and also in toward the middle east will be able to see it in the dark. it will fly by us. as it comes near us, it will be in the daylight, it will not be as easy to see obviously. as it comes through and we get farther away, it will be about 8,000 miles farther away by the time the u.s. gets to rotate around to see this thing. >> thank you, chad. >> you're welcome, brooke. vacation nightmare. men wearing hoods and carrying guns reportedly burst into a resort and rape half a dozen women. we're on the case. plus, who to kill and who to
3:14 pm
spare? a leaked memo raises serious questions about the president's kill list. he spent a week under ground as a hostage. but now how does a little boy and his family begin to heal? wendy walsh from "the doctors" joins me live. the news is now. she's still the one for you -
3:15 pm
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. all right, let's talk about mexico and specifically acapulco. big, beautiful place on the water, always a big draw, hosting millions of international visitors each and every year. but a frightening incident has a lot of people on edge. mexican officials say some time early monday hooded men broke into this beach house, rented by just a group of tourists from spain. the men in this group were tied up with cell phone cords. the women were tied up with their own bikinis. and then raped. michelle sagona has been looking into this one for us.
3:18 pm
michelle, i've been in acapulco, seemed fairly harmless at the time. >> vacation, hanging out. >> right. what happened? >> this is what i've been able to learn. this attack, with 15 men that entered inside this rental property, lasted for over two hours, about two and a half hours they were inside, they had seven guns and allegedly raped six of the women. now, we do not know the relationship between the women and the men who were inside. there was one woman who was in there who was not attacked. but thankfully the government has taken all of these -- all of these victims in this case, they have them in a secure location right now. of course they're not going to release their names or identities for information because they are victims. but they are going after to try to figure out who these suspects are and what the motive appears to be at the time is robbery. they were going in to steal cash, electronics, and also to take advantage of some women. >> you hear from the mayor of acapulco, he's downplaying it,
3:19 pm
this is a huge, you know, place for tourism, saying this could happen anywhere. do you think it is more serious than that? >> you know, i do think that, of course, anytime that a woman is attacked or anytime anyone is attacked it is very serious. what it appears to be at this particular moment is a large isolated incident. this could happen anywhere. not just in mexico. it could happen in the united states. and just as you mentioned, coming into this, spring break is coming up, a lot of teenagers will be venturing out, some to mexico. and i reached out to the rainn network. they tell us college age students, women in particular are more at -- at the most high risk for these types of attacks, so it is something to be careful, and something to be aware of. and you can always get more information from the rainn network if you log to their website and check out their tips and the things they do right before spring break, something to think about. >> a great website. closer to home, massachusetts, lawyers for this convicted murderer have gone before the
3:20 pm
state high court. they're clefhallenging the use the wounded victims 911 call to police which he identified his killer. the defense wants the 911 call tossed out, conviction overturned. tell me why. >> this is what i can tell you. i've reached out to the d.a.'s office, pulled the court documents on this and i've been studying this for a while. there is two co-defendants in this case, both convicted. they were convicted of going inside this man's house and waiting for him to come home, gunning him down, shooting and killing him. and based off of that, not just the 911 call, where the victim identifies one of the co-defendants, and not just the statements that he gave to one of the authorities, but there is also other things like the murder weapon, statements from other people that gave them the gun that have also convicted these men. now, one of them did go forward and try to appeal this before, that appeal was denied th. on friday, the second appeal is moving forward and from what i'm
3:21 pm
told there will be an oral argument, webcast live, if anyone wants to tune into that and go to to check that out. the supreme judicial court website. >> okay. michelle on the case. michelle, appreciate it. he is one of the guys responsible for some of president obama's most famous speeches. well, john favreau now leaving the white house. wait until you hear exactly what he's doing next. plus, the place where navy s.e.a.l.s killed osama bin laden is now turning into an amusement park. yep. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade.
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some of the hottest stories in a flash, rapid fire. roll it. first up here, florida judge has turned down a request to delay the june trial for george zimmerman. you know the story, he's the man charged with second degree murder for the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman's defense attorneys wanted more time to prepare, saying prosecutors have taken some time to turn over evidence. but the judge pointed out the trial is four months away,
3:25 pm
denied the request. just in to us here at cnn, president obama is planning a trip to israel coming up this spring. keep in mind, this will be his first trip there since taking the oath of office. he'll also be visiting the west bank and jordan during the trip to, quote/unquote, continue his close work with palestinian authority officials and jordanian officials as well. also today, the president making some news, calling on congress to pass a short-term fix that would avoid the sequester. that's the big washington word here for the name of the deep spending cuts set to kick in in just a couple of weeks. here is what the president said just a short time ago. >> having said that, i know that a full budget may not be finished before march 1st. and unfortunately that's the date when a series of harmful automatic cuts to job creating investments and defense spending also known as the sequester are scheduled to take effect.
3:26 pm
so, if congress can't act immediately on a bigger package, if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, then i believe that they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaging effects of the sequester. >> remember it was republicans and democrats who came up with the idea of the sequester in 2011 to force lawmakers into acting on balancing the budget. also today, when the president was speaking, a very unscripted moment, kind of fun, want to pass it along. the president was interrupted by the loud flashes from the photographers' cameras. watch this. >> these reforms could reduce our government's bill -- what's up, cameraman? come on, guys. they're breaking my flow all the time.
3:27 pm
>> what's up, cameraman. the president's top speechwriter, the guy with the circle around him, is about to tackle movies. here he is, john favreau, reports indicate he is leaving the white house. he will be gone by the end of the month. and the los angeles times is reporting he plans to try his hand at screen writing. favreau is known for having a special talent for channeling the president's thoughts, and speech patterns. he's expected to be replaced by cody keener, who is taking the lead on the state of the union speech, which is one week from today. the pakistani town where osama bin laden was killed may soon build an amusement park. here's the space. can you imagine roller coasters? reuters reports that a private company hopes to construct a $30 million activity center, it would include a zoo, water sports, paragliding. since the al qaeda leader's death, buildings at his compound have been demolished and officials have reportedly noticed an uptick in tourists
3:28 pm
around town. the baltimore ravens getting rowdy, getting a rowdy welcome, a rowdy couple of nights beating the 49ers. big homecoming for them after their super bowl victory over san francisco. watch this. >> joe flacco! >> crowds were so large, that the team, mvp there joe flacco, the team actually got stuck in traffic on its way to city hall to kick off this victory parade. and from there the team headed to m&t bank stadium where thousands of ravens fans attended a free celebration featuring the team and live entertainment. here is a question, where is john boehner? because his number two is out there, he's talking about the republican party's future, and making a surprise comment about guns. you will hear what eric cantor told cnn. plus, how does a little boy recover from being held hostage? special needs child,
3:29 pm
underground, for one week, with a killer. wendy walsh joins me live next. searching for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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eric cantor seeking to rebrand the republican party. today he gave a major policy speech. here he is at the american enterprise institute. it was an effort to lay out a new vision for the gop. here is part of what he said. >> it is no secret that there are more than 11 million people here illegally, many of whom have become part of the fabric of our country. they, like us, have families and dreams. while we are a nation that allows anyone to start anew, we are also a nation of laws. and that's what makes tackling the issue of immigration reform so difficult. in looking to solve this problem soon, we have got to balance respect for the rule of law and respect for those waiting to
3:33 pm
enter this country legally, with care for the people and families, most of whom just want to make a better life and contribute to america. >> our chief congressional correspondent dana bash there, actually, talked to the number two republican in the house today. and, so dana, i understand your conversation pivoted to gun control. what did he say? >> reporter: very interesting. the whole premise of the speech he gave today was to sort of effectively soften the republican image. they understand that in the last election from mitt romney on down they did very well with white men and that's about it when it comes to demographics. they have been trying to -- it is very clear in listening to his speech today and the conversation i had with him, he was trying to have a more compassionate tone and tenor. also, when it comes to issues, you see a little bit of shift, but you have to really dig deep. on the issue of guns, of course, what we have been reporting is that the most likely piece of
3:34 pm
legislation to pass, if anything, would be to strengthen background checks. i asked him about that. and he seemed to give at least a little bit on that. listen. >> my heart as a parent goes out to those grieving families in connecticut. and i want to make sure that we do something that can move us towards that never happening again. >> is background checks, for example, something you could support? >> i'll tell you, dana, you know in virginia, virginia tech had a terrible incident like this several years ago. and there was a move in virginia after that to try and address the mental health issue and making sure that information as far as that is concerned was shared with the background databases. and virginia actually is leading in terms of trying to get that information into the -- >> reporter: so it sounds like you in favor of beefing up background checks on a federal level. >> i am for making sure that we
3:35 pm
increase the quality of information in the database that is in existence already. >> so was that a yes, dana? >> reporter: that's why i said, moved a little bit. because he's talking about effectually enforcement. we have been reporting so much about this. big part of the problem is only a handful, maybe a little bit more of states, actually contributed information to the federal database he's talking about. making sure that more states contribute like his own state of virginia does. but when the president is talking about and what democrats and some republicans are talking about as well is much more than that, universal background checks is, you know, background checks at gun shows, private sales and so forth, he didn't go that far. >> i was talking to a republican just this morning, senator dean heller, i asked him the same thing about background checks and he said, yes, he said he could get behind that as well. dana bash, thank you so much, great interview by the way. for the past seven days we have been watching this hostage
3:36 pm
standoff at this bunker in alabama, hoping for the best. many people fearing the worst. now it is over. the captor, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes, is dead. his hostage, 5-year-old ethan, is free. >> mr. dykes armed when law enforcement went into that bunker? >> yes. >> little boy threatened at all when you entered? >> yes. we had reason to believe, that's why we went in to, you know to save the child. he's receiving medical dream, you know. everything is okay. i'm a father. a lot of these men and women that has been sacrificing tireless hours, they're parents as well. it's a relief for us to be able to reunite a mother with her child. >> cnn's martin savage is reporting on the story for us
3:37 pm
from the ground in dale county, alabama. also a psychologist, wendy walsh standing by. i want to talk about where this 5-year-old, soon to be 6, goes from here. but, martin, we're hearing the military, the department of defense playing a role, even the defense secretary got involved. tell me more. >> reporter: this shows how this sort of really climbed up the chain of command, a concern for a 5-year-old little boy buried in a bunker underground in alabama. leon panetta, the secretary of defense, signed off on an okay of the use of some specific equipment, very sensitive stuff that's been used overseas to try to detect ieds, improvise explosive devices, that would have meant there were soldiers on site or nearby, not involved in the takedown, we should point that out. other stuff used, cameras able to peer into the bunker so that authorities could not only hear but could see the demeanor and that was important because in the last 24 hours, fbi agents said they did see the demeanor of dykes begin to deteriorate and that's, of course what
3:38 pm
forced their move. they won't say much else about the entry because they say it worked so well, they'll probably use it again in the future. we do know flash bangs were used, agents dropped through a hatch in the roof, that they were able to subdue, that is kill the gunman, but not harm in any way little ethan. brooke? >> and little ethan, happy birthday to him tomorrow. how is he doing? >> reporter: you know, every account we have heard from authorities is that he is doing great tlirblgactually, consider terrible ordeal he's been through. he watched the deaths of two men, the school bus driver and he's underground and held away from his family, the terror he's been through. they said last night at the hospital, he was running around, laughing, coloring, playing games, took sticky notes and was slapping them on people as they came into the room so clearly that is one very happy little boy and his family, of course, they just must be through the roof to have him back safe and
3:39 pm
sound. they're all united, still at the hospital, still being checked out. >> on martin's final point, it sounds like this 5-year-old is doing great. i can't help but think about these very precious, i'm sure, hours and days here for him, for his family, trying to make sure that he can go back to life as normal, as normal as possible. how do they do that moving forward? >> reporter: well, no matter what, he's physically okay, but he's undergone some major emotional trauma. he has, you know, witnessed the murder of two people in front of him. he's been holed up in a bunker separated from his family. and this is a special needs child too, has asperger's syndrome, something i know a bit about, because my daughter is in the same diagnosis. i will say it is going to take time. it is better to talk about it. people think, maybe he'll forget it. that's not actually good because when you start to forget, some traumatic events they get stored in your body as feelings that crop up at strange times in your life. it is better to process it, get some therapy. i hope the family does take out
3:40 pm
of the media limelight because that won't necessarily be helpful. i hope the mom is able to contain herself because that's important. >> it is interesting you point out forgetting. i was talking to a young woman who absolutely has blank spots now in her childhood because she was kidnapped and there are so many parts about her life she doesn't remember. but back to your point about asperger's, how does that help or hurt ethan moving forward? >> i as a mother watched the news unfold very carefully and was quite connected to it. one piece of asperger's is that these kids sometimes don't have what is called a theory of mind, which means they can't imagine or have compassion or empathy for what the other person might be experiencing. as you know, when we cover the kidnapping stories, one's psychological survival method is to sort of figure out what the captor needs and play the game properly. but this kid could conceivably have taken a wild, crazy tantrum at any moment because, you know, he doesn't think in terms of consequences. so i'm wondering what kind of medication they dropped down
3:41 pm
that tube. i know he was on adhd medication. i'm wondering if they might have gotten permission from the parents to drop a sedative or something. >> what about -- just moving past the family and ethan, what about dykes? we know he's gone. a lot of talk about him being a survivalist. can you just -- somebody who is very anti-government, anti-a at of things, take me in the mind of someone who subscribes to this culture of fear. >> it is a culture of fear. it is a personal paranoia. it is an anti-social personality disorder where if you just think of the meaning anti, against, social, society. they are very fearful that they're being attacked and that everybody is out to get them at all times. he may even have had some post traumatic stress disorder from his time in vietnam. we don't know exactly what all the contributing factors were. but definitely he was living a very paranoid lifestyle. >> wendy walsh, thanks to you.
3:42 pm
martin savage, great reporting in alabama. tonight, john walsh joins anderson cooper to share his experience on coping with trauma. that is tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this exceptional offer on the all-new cadillac ats. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand.
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did you know that for every $100 you make, about 4 buck goes right into your gas tank. that is a huge chunk of your income. the energy department says the average household spends nearly $3,000 every year on gasoline. it is getting worse, they say. gas prices have spiked dramatically in the last couple of weeks to about $3.50 a gallon. and cnn's paul vercammen, paul, we stick you in l.a. because the prices there are always so insane. right now gas is over $5. no one walks in l.a. so tough to afford a car right
3:46 pm
now. >> reporter: very tough. and, indeed, brooke, this will insult your eyes as we show you this, the average here in california is $4.93. you see at this station, in downtown l.a., which really cks gas stations, little competition, over $5. and we did catch up with one driver who had no choice but to pay the price. let's hear from her. >> it is just ridiculous. $5 a gallon is, i mean, it is ridiculous. and it is high like this in downtown l.a. for whatever reason. >> reporter: part of the reason is that oil prices are now higher. oil prices, the biggest component of gas prices, also at play in california. the regularly scheduled maintenance of in of the refineries, they switch from the winter blend to summer blend, which, by the way, is more expensive to make because it has all the smog-fighting ingredients. one more factor here in california, you might have heard, we have the second worst gas tax in the nation at 67 cents a gallon.
3:47 pm
only new york state is worse at 69 cents. we get hammered with the taxes here in california, brooke. >> what are you doing, paul? biking to work? is there a cnn bike you can borrow? >> reporter: would love to. >> paul vercammen, thank you. with those prices, wow. those are the averages. the protocol here on u.s. drones, who to kill, who to spare. a leaked document raises some serious questions about the checks and balances over drones. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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a leaked document shows just how much power the president has and how little information the president needs to order a dron an american. a department of justice white paper has just come out. it reveals when the united states can use lethal force against an american linked to al qaeda. critics say the scariest aspect of this 16-page document is its lack of detail. for some time multiple lawmakers have been calling for release of materials detailing what guide dance the president uses to call for a drone strike. the most high profile instance is the death of anwar al alack can i, an al qaeda leader killed in a drone strike in 2011 in yemen. his father is suing multiple deaths and he's also suing for
3:51 pm
his grandson. >> i don't necessarily agree with some of what they said against the united states, but does that mean they should kill him, you know, outside the law? >> as painful as it was for you to see your son killed, did you in the back of your mind expect that to happen? >> i didn't know to expect it because he was under target of killing, but how in the world they would go and kill a small boy, u.s. citizen from denver, colorado. >> talked to tom geno today of this very issue of drones. he was the author of this piece in "esquire" in july. t >> this is the sound of the administration speaking to itself. when the administration speaks to itself, it gives itself even
3:52 pm
more power than i think than anybody thought. it's sort of a hypothetical situation that describes, but it keeps on describing an informed high level executive who can make these decisions. and it's amazing how much power this white paper gives that informed high level executive. it even really gives him power to decide whether the due process of the person that he's targeting is being violated or not. >> the document was provided to select members of congress last year. lawmakers on the senate intelligence and judiciary committees. after appearing on letterman last night, chris christie answered questions on his weight and his health. we will now pass on what he is telling his critics. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like
3:53 pm
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3:55 pm
after appearing on letterman last night, moments ago new jersey governor chris christie answering some questions about his weight, about his health. here is what he told critics moments ago. >> is there any plan on your part to start actually -- >> there's always a plan. there is a -- listen. listen, christine. this question is not a joking answer, it is serious, okay? for folks who have struggles with their weight, if you talk to anybody in their room who struggles with their weight, what they will tell you is that every week, every month, every year there's a plan. there's a plan. and so the idea that somehow,
3:56 pm
you know, i don't care about this, of course i care about it. and i'm making the best effort i can. and sometimes i'm successful and other times i'm not. sometimes periods of great success are followed by periods of great failure and so, you know, that's just the way it's worked for me for probably the last 30 years of my life. i know people have concerns, but as i said to david last night on the show, you know, so far up to 50 years old i've been remarkably healthy and, you know, my doctor continues to warn me that my luck is going to run out relatively soon so, believe me, it's something that i'm very conscious of, but in terms of people in the state being concerned about whether or not it prevents me from being able to do my job effectively, i think they've seen the results of that. i mean, my life is significantly less stressful today than it was, you know, 90 days ago, right, so -- so be assured -- be
3:57 pm
assured there is a plan. whether it will be successful or not, you'll all be able to hear. >> you heard the applause. 90 days ago was superstorm sandy. he was on a tour that was union new jersey. he was on a tour with sandy victims and that was when he was asked by a reporter about weight. now actor robin williams apparently getting a new job. details next. it's chevy truck month! silverado was also recognized for the lowest cost of ownership. hey, what are you gonna do with it? end table. oh. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now get 0% financing for 60 months, plus trade up to get $1,750 total allowance on a silverado all-star edition. or trade up and choose customer cash plus option package discount for a total value of $7,250.
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